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My Passion is Helping Women Build Confidence, Live Pain-free, and Prepare & Recover from Pregnancy Stronger than Ever!

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I understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often times fails. It's even more difficult when you have a new baby or multiple children. And it's even less fun working out, or figuring out what exercises are safe, when you have diastasis, back pain, pelvic floor prolapse or incontinance. 


My goal is to help you change all that so that you can develop an enjoyable, manegable exercise program that will not only keep you safe but heal and strengthen you from the inside out.

I want health and fitness to become a part of who you are and your everyday life. I strongly believe that if you consistently practice healthy habits, you will be able to heal weaknesses and injuries, reduce pain, build confidence and strength, achieve and remain at a healthy weight which will all help you to accomplish the many things you need to do and live the life you dream of.

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Why Choose a Personal Trainer?

Individuals who desire more personalized instruction, supervision and added motivation request the services of a personal trainer. Beginners, especially, can benefit greatly from the knowledge and encouragement of a personal trainer.


Personal Training is a great option for if you are looking for:

  • Personalized supervision during your workouts
  • Added fun, support and encouragement while you work out
  • Accountability and motivation (How many times have you tried on your own?)
  • Maximum results and added benefits from each session
  • A tailored fitness program to meet a personal fitness or weight loss goal
  • A specialized program for back care, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, flexibility and/or personal injuries/limitations
  • Guidance in beginning your new fitness journey
  • Help in breaking through a plateau
  • Increased energy, confidence and elevated moods
  • Nutrition coaching or support

Why Choose Small Group Training?

Dec Morning Group Class


exercise does not have to hurt, take small, smart, consistent steps

"I enjoy having Edie as my fitness coach. She helped me set reachable goals and lifestyle changes. When I struggle with some goals, she is supportive. Women will be blessed to have her as a coach."


"From my personal experience with Edie as my health and fitness mentor, I found that she was very motivated and knowledgeable. She has a very understanding and encouraging nature that made me feel positive in all my successes, while helping me achieve my goals."


"Edyth has been a great influence and support in my fitness journey. Her creative, yet simple everyday tips and challenges have helped me not only incorporate healthy eating habits and exercise routines, but also helped me search values and long term goals to healthy living, anchoring my drive to make this a lifestyle change. A truly caring, sensitive and practical coach and friend. If you're looking for a professional, yet personal guide in your fitness journey, I highly recommend Edyth!"



$25-60 per Session
  • FREE Consult
  • In Person, Online and Hybrid Training
  • Fitness & Postural Assessment
  • Personalized Fitness Programs
  • Rehab-Prehab with Training
  • Nutrition & Behaviour Coaching
  • Weightloss Warrior, Fit for Life, Tone & Tighten, Fit for 2
  • Weekly Email and Call Support


$7.50-14 per Session
  • Strength Training
  • Cardio, HIIT & MIC Classes
  • Online Challenges
  • Outdoor Classes (Weather Permitting)
  • Book a Friends Class
  • Free Online Support Group


Ask (Approx. $65) per Month
  • Less or Free with Fitness Packages
  • FREE Consult
  • Online Coaching
  • Behaviour Coaching, Emotional Eating Support
  • Balanced Eating, No Dieting, Start at Your Nutrition Level
  • Email and Call Support
  • Optional Challenges & Support Groups