coach edie


A Trainer Who Cares

I am a Canfitpro certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Pregnancy & Postnatal Core Specialist, Pelvis Specialist, Nutrition and Life coach with over 6 years of experience.

I also have certifications and training in different areas including training youth and the older adult, indoor cycling, Strong Nation, TRX Training, and kickboxing, as well as physiotherapy courses for general assessments, functional movement, kinesiotaping, and rehabilitation for shoulder and other injuries.

My passion is rehab and am always learning and applying techniques to help successfully heal and reduce injuries and increase mobility in my clients. I love, love helping women build confidence and improve the quality of their lives. I realize there is a strong correlation between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings and that I can't always simply address your physical issues and goals. I have completed my Level 4 Canadian Counselling Certifications with a Christian focus which has been of great benefit in my coaching and training.

I take your fitness goals seriously. I understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, and my goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals simply and safely, while making it enjoyable for you. We use a fitness and mobility assessment and YOUR goals to create your individualized fitness plan.

I've had a lifelong interest in fitness and nutrition and I started Beyond Basics Fitness because I wanted to support busy women develop a simple, healthy lifestyle that didn't require any special skills or resources and wouldn't take up too much their limited time.

How about you? Do you want to gain control of your life and health? Wouldn't you love a personalized training program that will help you develop confidence and a love for fitness, and realize what your body is really capable of? I do not use exercise or training as a punishment for something you ate, but to get your body to perform at its best. I have a passion for training safely and effectively with exercises and workouts that heal and strengthen the body. There is no need to do workouts that leave you feeling sore and exhausted all the time in order to lose weight!

When I am not helping people get healthy and fit, I'm usually catching up in the greenhouse, working on a course, or spending time with family. I love hiking, spending time at the cabin by the river, walking, tennis, taking photos, gardening, kickboxing and reading. I'm a terrible dancer but that doesn't stop me from trying to learn 🙂

Helping You Live Your Best Life from the Inside Out,




"From my personal experience with Edie as my health and fitness mentor, I found that she was very motivated and knowledgeable. She has a very understanding and encouraging nature that made me feel positive in all my successes, while helping me achieve my goals."


"I enjoy having Edie as my fitness coach. She helped me set reachable goals and lifestyle changes. When I struggle with some goals, she is supportive. Women will be blessed to have her as a coach."


"Edyth has been a great influence and support in my fitness journey. Her creative, yet simple everyday tips and challenges have helped me not only incorporate healthy eating habits and exercise routines, but also helped me search values and long term goals to healthy living, anchoring my drive to make this a lifestyle change. A truly caring, sensitive and practical coach and friend. If you're looking for a professional, yet personal guide in your fitness journey, I highly recommend Edyth!""