Bedtime Routine



Evening could easily be considered the most important part of your day, especially if you are a night owl and it’s hard to get up in the morning and think clearly. Doing the most important things in the evening will eliminate stress, help you sleep better and make mornings more tolerable. Hey! Maybe even a little enjoyable.

And if you are a lark, getting some or all these things done the night before will allow you to enjoy the morning even more. You will have some extra time to drink tea or coffee in the morning or make an extra nice breakfast, get some fresh air, a longer walk or exercise session, or get some extra work done on a project.

Doing the things on this list, or whatever you need to do most, will also give you some margin for unexpected things that may come up during the night or in the morning such as a child getting sick, bad weather or driving conditions for getting to school or work, or a big mess or spill before you leave the house.

What things do you like to do before you go to bed?

  1. Clean the kitchen including starting the dishwasher and putting away dishes.
  2. Plan breakfast and prep some ingredients. Do the same for lunch and supper. If you will be using a recipe, have it open where you will need it, printed from the internet, or the page number written down in your planner.
  3. Set out your clothes for tomorrow. If you have children, do theirs as well or have them do it if they are old enough.
  4. Fill three bottles with water (8-10 cups) and place in fridge. Infuse with lemon, ginger, cucumber, mint etc…
  5. Check calendar/planner for tomorrow’s appointments.
  6. Make a to do list for tomorrow. I like to have a pen and notepad by my bed in case I think of something when I’m already in bed. This way I don’t have to get up to go write it down or lay awake worried that I will forget it by tomorrow morning.
  7. Think: “What can I do tonight that will make tomorrow morning less rushed and the day easier.”
  8. Place items in a spot by the door that you need to take with you tomorrow so you’ll see them before you leave the house.
  9. Take care of yourself. Shower, stretch, vitamins, devotions/meditation, read, floss and brush teeth…


  1. Put away laundry or sort dirty clothes into piles.
  2. Clean the house for 15-30 minutes and put everything away.

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