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You've Probably Been Told Something Like This Before

"It's a fact of life" or "Don't lift more than 20 Ibs" or "Do what you've always done"

Not very helpful is it? 

You're Not Invincible but You Aren't Fragile Either!

Core Training can include women of any age who may or may not have realized that they have retained some issues from their past pregnancies, sexual assault, an accident, an office job or too much sitting. There are many things that can be done to improve these conditions.

True fitness starts from the inside out. From nutrition to deep core strengthening.

Core Assessments & Rehab by Appointment

You know something is wrong but not sure how bad it is, or you've been told by a health professional that you have Diastasis Recti or need to strengthen your pelvic floor? Not interested in gym workouts and want to do your rehab at home or on your own? Then this is the option for you. First appointment is $80-100. Subsequent appointments are $50-60.

Core Group Classes

Group training is perfect for women who can't afford individual appointments or personal training and love to work out with other women, AND have fun while doing so. We incorporate rehab, fitness and fun activities in every class.

Deluxe packages include bonus exercises and workouts and the use of the Beyond Basics App so that you can speed up your healing and fitness on your own between classes. This package often includes a gym membership special as well.

Deep Core Personal Training

For all ages. Training focus will depend on the needs of the client. Back injury? Prolapse? Diastasis Recti? And you choose which type of programming you want:

1) Rehab only

2) Rehab combined with strength and cardio

3) A safe strength and cardio program where you quickly progress through minimal rehab exercises

New moms will receive a training program from Week 2 postpartum onward, additional coaching and training in areas such as breastfeeding in safe positions, baby wearing, proper posture during daily activities, stretches to help avoid strain and injury, and strengthening exercises to help you get back to your regular fitness activities.

Recommended: 6-12 weeks. Longer for severe issues that may need surgery.

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"Fun" Facts!

100% of full-term pregnant women will develop Diastasis Recti!

58% of prolapse surgeries fail. This statistic is significantly improved if women practice core corrective exercises before and after surgery. Many times surgery will no longer be required after a core corrective training.

97% of all people do NOT need back surgery!

Not only can you exercise during pregnancy, you NEED to for your health, delivery, postpartum recovery and baby's health.

Client Testimonials

"I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Edie Neudorf at Beyond Basics Fitness & Nutrition. My diastasis recti was bad before I started. I did some rehab through a physiotherapist but after 2 years it only had improved by only 1-2 finger widths. He could almost fit his fist in the top of my stomach. I was at 3-4 fingers just before I started with Edie back in November. In only half a year my diastasis recti is completely HEALED!!!! My back pain is gone as long as I continue my personalized work out. I have had many ups and downs this past year and stress has been higher than I have experienced for a long time. The freedom I have at a womens only gym gives me the courage and confidence I need to keep pushing each week." -Eleanor


"Edyth has been an amazing, fun coach! Not only did she teach me a lot, but turns her business into a friendship centre. Thanks Edyth!" -Susie

"I joined Beyond Basics Fitness with Edie Neudorf. Her classes were amazing and helped so much, and affordable!!!!! She's awesome!"

"I think it's important to get together with other women and understand that we face many of the same issues with our bodies aging and with body image. Just to laugh and encourage each other." -Cheryl 


About Edie

Edie is a certified Core & Pelvis Specialist and CanFitPro Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She recently completed her 4th Core Corrective Certification! She also has training in physiotherapy assessment, as well as shoulder, knee and foot rehab. Edie also has her Level 4 Canadian Professional Counselling Certification with a Christian based focus.

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